Ohio based Woman got sobered from 11 year long drug addiction in just 3 weeks!

Ohio based Woman got sobered from 11 year long drug addiction in just 3 weeks!

(Thursday, February 25, 2021) - Ohio based Natalia again proved that if people want to get back their lives to right track, determination and expert's guidence is all, the one need.

Recently, as the one of the quickest recovery's we heard in the past many years. We decided to take interview of Natalia, here are some highlights And pictures of her in her current and older conditions:

She stated at starting: "The picture on the left is me in active addiction. It took me a long time to realize that my life had become unmanageable. I always considered myself a strong-willed person, but when it came to drugs and alcohol, I could not control anything. My addiction put me in a lot of tough places like arrests, legal issues, family problems, the list goes on. I had to make a decision to change my life."

She continues: She further added- The picture on the right is me today, clean and sober!! On March 2, I will celebrate two year of sobriety!!! All thanks to Rehab Placement Service that one phone call which my husband decided to dial to help me get out of this misery within just 3 weeks, sometimes when I look up to the passed time, I still wonder how I was so quickly become sobered Since my addiction and substance abusing habits was almost a decade old. I am so grateful for the people in my life today. I have a steady routine and do things daily to keep myself accountable and focused on the things that are important in my life. My kids and family are back in my life today and I am so grateful for my support network. I have been able to hold multiple jobs simultaneously, but i make sure that I put my sobriety first so that all other aspects of my life continue to thrive! There is always hope! All again thanks to the that one Phone call which literally changed my life upside down. She later told her about the very confidential 12 step program that All the treatment centers working with Rehab Placement Service , We found them very unique and of futuristic approach, some of the approaches these centers use are quite futuristic and we called Rehab Placement Service to know furthur details they told these advanced futuristic approaches their wellness centers using to recover their patients from substance abuse or any mental trauma are extremely unique and they share those only with the patients and staff members..

While Natalia was recent sensation in online soberity community, We have contacted other few people who used Rehab Placement Service : Addiction recovery helpline service to get out of miserable circumstances like substance abuse.

- Before we introduce to other testimonials, let's first know why Rehab Placement Service helpline is not a basic addiction recovery helpline like others in entire United States.
- Tied up with 400+ addiction treatment centers/ wellness Rehabs facilities all with only rating 4.5 star and above in google reviews
- Speedy counselling and full problem hearing right away on one phone call.
- Works with 700+ addiction treatment experts and mental health specialists, all have more than atleast a decade of experience.
- Follow unique 12-step treatment solution.
- over 4000+ people got out sobered last month (January 2021) from all over the United States.
- Call consultation is toll free and absoultely free appointment with a dedicated expert based on your current circumstances and condition.

Here is now Vince's testimonial with a drastic life changing shift happened within him, Ever since his mom made a phone call to Rehab Placement Service and he started receiving his drug addiction treatment at best preferred wellness center.

"Hey you all Vince here. It is absolutely insane to think I used to live a life without my higher power, hope, love, and any compassion. The picture on the left was me in active addiction."

It did not matter if they were dry goods or liquid courage, I fell into a dark place with little hope.

"I never told anyone that I was carrying these problems. To be honest, I did not know most of those things bothered me because I pushed them so far down with alcohol and drugs."

"That led me to the moment I knew I lost myself. I never thought I would be the person that would contemplate suicide, but I fell that far. I was hopeless, terrified, and lost, said Vince."

"With the help of God and others in the program I fortunately found the contact number Rehab Placement Service helpline, I now live my best life. two wheels and headphones included. I am grateful for literally everything."

"Love and compassion fills my heart, and I have the opportunity to rebuild each day through God and the 12 steps. Through this journey, I have met lifelong friends I can call or text at any time."

"It is really hard to put everything in text, but, if you are ready this and are new, give yourself an honest shot at being happy and proud of yourself."

"If someone did not tell you today, you are worth it, and a helping hand is right around the corner, just reach out and grab." Vince ended the note here.

While on-phone Counselors at Rehab Placement Service will take care of you completely over the call, but we recommend to be ready with answers of major queries from your end, so phone counselling can give you best solution and make an appointment with very best treatment specialist in your geographical area. Some of these are:

- Duration of consuming drugs/ alcohol ever since you got trapped in cage of addiction from.

- Types of Substances being consumed like: heroin, Cocaine, Painkillers etc.

- Current conditions in personal life and relationships.(if any)

- If you are looking for treatment for you or your loved one, Toll free consultation of Rehab Placement Service runs 24x7 for you.

People Expressing Gratitude for Rehab Placement Service

Rehab Placement Service is ground-breaking. They helped to fix me when I was broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many thanks Rehab Placement Service

Your impartial information and extensive knowledge was a breath of fresh air compared to previous advice I had received. Thank you for helping me to make the right choice for my myself and my family. : Noah Harper, Florida

Rehab Placement Service were critical in helping our son find the right treatment centre for his drug addiction and found us a great rehab centre that has helped show us the solution to a problem of total despair and misery. We are all so much happier again and have our lives back on track thanks to Rehab Placement Service. Many thanks. : Susan, Colorado


Rehab Placement Service saved my life. I have a fulfilling life again with purpose and direction. I feel happy, content and free again. Thank you for helping me turn my life around.

Cameron Gallagher,


Rehab Placement Service helped us to rebuild our lives. We have our son back, fit, healthy and happy again and words can not describe the gratitude we feel for the friendly and skillfull advice we received from Rehab Placement Service and for the fact they really listened in helping solve our family crisis. We are so grateful for the guidance and support. Thank you! Thanks so much!

Oliver Craig,


Thanks to calling Rehab Placement Service I was able to find the most suitable treatment for my addiction. I now feel happy and free again. I believe that having skilled and friendly advisors at Rehab Placement Service were essential in helping me find the right rehab centre to suit me. Along with the continual support, phone calls and great aftercare I have manged to stay clean and sober for over 2 years. I can not thank Rehab Placement Service Healthcare enough.

Owen Perkins,

Notice for readers

Step 1:

CLICK HERE to Call the toll free helpline of Rehab Placement Service

Fast- track Addiction Treatment Available.

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"My treatment through Rehab Placement Service out measured anything I could have ever imagined. The balance of lectures, experiential therapy, and workshops worked very well for me! I'm so happy!!!"

Jake Parkes,


"I was extremely nervous upon calling Rehab Placement Service and arriving to their one of the preferred treatment partner center. Everyone made me feel welcome. I would recommend Rehab Placement Service to anyone who wants to recover from their addictions.!"

Carol Keeton,


"I really believe that Rehab Placement Service is the best on phone consultation facility for treatment. I am very hopeful for my future and I have already been recommending Rehab Placement Service to others in need."

Briana Taylor,

Notice for readers

Step 1:

CLICK HERE to Call the toll free helpline of Rehab Placement Service

Fast- track Addiction Treatment Available.

Our Counselors are waiting to help you on the other end.


IMPORTANT: Call Helpline is open 24x7 to serve you and your loved ones.

Update: Only serious people who are really in need of substance abuse treatment for themselves or their loved ones, call Rehab experts.

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Tohloria Lewis

Nice article and information btw! It will be really life saving for those who are struggling with addiction of drugs and all other substances. I will share in my online community.

Reply. 12 minutes ago

Tanya Porquez

I saw her interview on CNN a while ago and I've amazed by the fact that how quickly she recovered. Honestly,my cousin is suffering from drug abuse for a long time and now i know that how to make him back to path of self well being in life! all I have to say is WOW.

Reply. 13 minutes ago

Jennifer Jackson Mercer

A friend of mine called and recommended it to talk to them on phone call, the most amazing advice and recovery options I have got.

Reply. 25 minutes ago

Kristy Cash

WOW, these recovery time to turn completely sober is astonishing and belivable, I really have no idea why people those who struggling from substance abuse can't get admissions in these treatment facilities! Nuts

Reply. 46 minutes ago

Katy Barrott

Never even thought about calling any addiction recovery service helpline, Just ended the call with the cpunselor for talk about current condition of my daughter. I glad that I made a call to them. Got a free appointment too, within my own local area. I can't thank them enough.

Reply. about an hour ago

Amanda Gibson

Thank you for sharing this tip! I just shared it in all my social media since I know there is always anyone who really needs help to make a comeback from dark phase of substance abuse.

Reply. 1 hour ago

Julie Keyse

Back in the day, I was struggling too, though with determination and other abstince and following good habits, I am completely sober for last 1 year, but it took me very long 5 year duration. I wish I could've knew this earlier,that permanent recovery is possible even in weeks!

Reply. 2 hours ago

Sarah Williams

Nice article though! Such a noble piece of information to be shared with mankind.

Reply. 2 hours ago

Kirsten Bauman Riley

Thanks for this wonderful article! Called for myself and response from their end was so amazing that can't be described in words. May god bless them. Amen

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